Small Video shows How to Use Random Mouse Clicker

Given below video shows how to use Random Mouse Clicker. Please do click on the Play Button (At the Bottom Left Corner of the Video) to watch this small video tutorial. Once the video starts playing, please do click on the Full Screen Button at the bottom right corner of the video to watch the video in full screen mode.

Other Mouse Utilities

Mouse Click from Command Prompt / Batch Script, Lock Mouse at defined rectangles with hot key, Mouse Click with Hot Key, Move Mouse Cursor Automatically with Auto Mouse Mover.

Auto Mouse Mover

Utility to keep on mouse cursor Moving Automatically

Main Screen of Auto Mouse Mover Software Utility

Auto Mouse Clicker

Software Utility to Automatically Keep the Mouse Clicking

Main Screen of Auto Clicker Software Utility

Mouse Click

Utility to move & click mouse at defined location using hotkey.

Main Screen of Mouse Click Software Download

Mouse Lock

Mouse Lock Computer Utility to Lock Mouse whenever you want and more.

Mouse Lock Dialog Box

Mouse Click from Command Prompt / Batch Script

Screenshot displays how to auto mouse click, whether it is left or right button single or double click

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Turn Off Primary / Secondary / All Monitors (Part of Utilities Combo)

Turn Off Dual Monitors or Enable / Disable with customizable System Tray Turn Off Monitor System Tray Icon Customized Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu Complete Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu with user selected skin

Turn Monitor Off whenever you need computer to be running for doing background tasks only such as Listening to Music,During Music Download,Downloading Songs,Listening to Online Songs, and much more in a small utility.

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